What is somatic and mindfulness coaching?


The body is a source of immense innate wisdom. Through recognizing and honoring this truth, we find the support needed in a curious, neutral and safe container. It’s a no judgment zone. We find ways to actively shift gears and create steps for you to move toward and achieve what you need and most desire. You hold the compass and I assist you with mapping out your itinerary. You bring to the session what you want to work on or work through. I support your journey of discovery by reflecting that which you already know. You are the expert. I am your aid in helping you access whatever you may need to move through any challenges or sticky situations that keep you from your fullest expression.

Do I need somatic and mindfulness coaching?

Are you feeling perplexed about a decision, relationship, career shift or job opportunity? Do you feel like change is needed but you don’t know how or where to start? If you answered yes to either of these questions somatic and mindfulness coaching can help. It is a way to offer insight and guidance toward whatever changes might be on the horizon or perhaps it’s something that is long overdue… with my support and some tried and true practices based inside of you, we reveal access to the tools that can help you implement the changes you desire.

One-on-One Sessions

I work with women who desire clarity, change and purpose. In a one-on-one session we explore aligning with what you value and discover possibilities to implement your desire with authenticity, integrity and joy. Get in touch to set up your free 30 minute inquiry session.

Please note: While one to one sessions are not psychological therapy, they can be therapeutic. Coaching can offer welcome support through whatever challenges, decisions or changes you might be experiencing at this time.

Each session is 50 minutes – Depending on your current situation and need will determine how many sessions may be required or useful to reach the outcome you wish for. One session might offer the insight you need to move forward or it might be helpful to have a series of sessions. Each circumstance is unique. Ultimately, you decide.

The fee is $100 per session. Sliding scale is available upon request. We can discuss this during your free 30-minute inquiry session.

If you are ready for a leap of faith, to surrender to a mysterious process and the journey of a lifetime, Christina Fanizzi is a remarkable coach, companion, and guide as you explore the layers of your whole self (body, mind, emotions, and soul). I could not have re-connected to and found compassion for myself (an ongoing process) without her witness and wise presence. Movement combined with Christina’s observations and inquiries allow me to locate, be with and work through the pain and discomforts, gently and repeatedly softening, releasing, and unwinding the constrictions of my being. Christina is a warm, compassionate, and loving support, modeling and helping me realize that I can access that same support and love within myself through care, attention, and practice. Christina helps her clients find and connect to the Source within.

- Laura K.