Women work with me because I offer them a sense of insight and discovery in understanding themselves and their goals in a new way that feels authentic and aligned moving them from sticky and murky to clarity and confidence.

I recall multiple times over the course of my life when I was the person to offer perspective to friends and family and eventually clients and colleagues in a way that was open, accessible and inspiring. Through curiosity, presence and care, I’ve helped women lean into life’s challenges and discover their unique treasures that have proven invaluable for the journey. Each of us carries a wealth of insight within. From complicated work scenarios that confront aligning with your truth, to sticky relationship situations with partners or family members, to juggling responsibilities as a creative leader while married and being mother to 4 small children, to life threatening illness or managing anxiety and depression …. No matter how big or small, with steady honest support the challenges we face can be overcome and ultimately transformed. I offer this with love. I help you ‘see the forest through the trees.’

I’m inspired by creativity, beauty and possibility.  Accessing the innate wisdom that you carry inside and fusing that with whatever inspires you will help you access possibilities previously undiscovered or unexplored. Through body centered work and inquiry we catalyze that which longs to be discovered and embraced.

Like so many, when covid hit in 2020… anxiety reached its peak for me personally. The drastic changes that took place and the tumultuous time that has followed since spring 2020 has reverberated in my heart. This rattling prompted my wake up call to further my offerings beyond teaching. With the support of my coach I leaned into my own wisdom, crystalizing this desire to help women access their own truth. To return this gift hundredfold is my deepest hope and desire…  supporting women in ways that serve them radiating through all the lives that they touch in profound and pivotal ways… this is my vision. Does this resonate for you?

As a certified Pilates and Open Floor teacher and somatic life coach, I have 24 years’ experience teaching movement and pilates around the world. My own personal journey with meditation and mindfulness over 22 years came full circle at the Mindfulness Coaching School where I completed my ACC (Associate Certified Coach) training.

Reach out and set up your free 30 minute inquiry to see if I can help. I can’t wait to meet you!