Life wisdom from the inside out.

Hi! I’m Christina.

Coach.  Facilitator.  Educator.

It is my vision to help empower women to discover and honor their innate truth. With awareness for the sanctity of your body, you begin to access a deeper connection with yourself. While living in alignment with what you value and embodying it, you recognize newfound resilience and a secret path toward your heart’s desire.

Transformative Somatic & Mindfulness Coaching

The body, mind, and spirit are inextricably linked. It’s inside the recognition of this relationship where you gain access to insight and support for yourself in whatever choices need to be made, obstacles overcome or clarity revealed.

Are you struggling with a situation, decision or relationship (personal or professional)? Do you feel unsure about next steps? Somatic and mindfulness coaching is a collaboration with you and your body, right where you are in this moment. It offers access into the ways that support your blossoming. It helps clarify next steps moving you in the direction that feels most aligned.

Whatever the goal, desire, solution… the knowledge is already present within you. I help you hear it. See it. Recognize it. Ultimately, supporting you in bringing it to the fore.